Comité MADA de Cocagne

What is Municipalité amie des aînés?

The Municipalités amies des aînés (MADA) movement took root in 2002 at the World Health Organization with the initiative called “Active aging”.  Afterward, the age friendly municipality concept was officially launched in Brazil in 2005 and Quebec followed with the “Age Friendly Municipality” concept and the Public health agency of Canada.  Since 2010, the Association francophone des aînés du Nouveau-Brunswick offers a start-up project with goal of inviting New Brunswick municipalities of becoming a MADA.

The MADA mouvement normally aims to promote community development that:

  • Promotes active aging;
  • Adapts its policies, programs, services and structures to the needs of seniors;
  • Promotes the ongoing participation of seniors;
  • Acts on several fronts such as leisure, housing, transportation, urban planning, exercise, safety etc.
  • In a MADA, a culture of social inclusion is encouraged. The policies, services and frameworks are designed to support seniors and help them age by staying active allowing them to stay at home and to increase their quality of life.

The MADA « Municipalité amie des aînés » committee de Cocagne is made up of engaged citizens of the municipality, representing different ages groups and/or areas of activity. This work group is sponsored by the Cocagne Rural Community municipal council et supported by the Association francophone des ainés du Nouveau- Brunswick.

We are pround to announce that the Cocagne Rural Community has applied for recognition to the MADA program of  New Brunswick to become an official MADA community and has received its official recognition on October 4th, 2017.

A great deal of work has been accomplished since the creation of the committee in 2015. For more information, please consult the various documents by clicking on the links:

2020 Plan d’action MADA de Cocagne (renouvellement)

2020 Rapport d’état MADA Cocagne

2020 Document d’appui Échéancier MADA Cocagne

2020 Le comité directeur-cadre de référence

Échéancier MADA-Communauté rurale de Cocagne

Le comité directeur- mandat et rôles

Résolution du 9 juin 2015

Sondage des 50+ de Cocagne

Présentation résultat du sondage

Plan d’action MADA de Cocagne

Résolution du 8 novembre 2016

Lettre du maire pour application de Cocagne
*(Source : A part of this text come from the MADA de Cocagne Action plan)

** Linked documents available in French only