Amis de la Villa (Les)
Anita LeBlanc
(506) 576-9301

Minor hockey association
Lucille LeBlanc
(506) 566-9728

Harbor Authorities for the Cormierville wharf
Fernand Robichaud
(506) 576-9762

Centre 50+ de Cocagne
Bernadette Goguen
(506) 576-6307

Club du Village
Donat Bourgeois
(506) 576-9495

Chambre of Commerce Kent-Sud
Jacques Robichaud
(506) 743-3417

Knights of Colombus
Antoine Maillet
(506) 576-9164

Church choir
Irène Myers
(506) 576-6123

Cocagneries (Les)
Jean Gauvin
(506) 576-6434

Comité d’abondance de l’École Blanche-Bourgeois (CAEBB)
Francine Hébert
(506) 345-0888

École Blanche-Bourgeois parents committee
Lise Després

Comité MADA de Cocagne
Majella Dupuis
(506) 227-3769

Community Theatre troupe « Les femmes de cœur »
Dianna Goguen
(506) 576-6564

Community vigilance committee of Cocagne
Caroline Wilson
(506) 576-0770

Conseil récréatif de Cocagne (arena, bowling and marina)
Ricky Bourque
(506) 576-2206

Parish council
Elmo Caissie
(506) 576-9819

The Pays de Cocagne Sustainable Development Group (PCSDG)
Léopold Bourgeois and Bernadette Goguen
(506) 576-8247
« The Pays de Cocagne Sustainable Development Group’s (PCSDG) mission is to engage citizen participation towards the sustainability of Cocagne watershed communities. » (Source: website of PCSDG)

Volunteer firefighters of Cocagne
Danny Desroches
(506) 576- 7932 (fire hall) or (506) 530-0006 (Danny)

Really Local Harvest
Maxime Gauvin
(506) 854-8557
Cooperative of local producers with around 30 farmers in southeastern New-Brunswick.

Regroupement des dames acadiennes et francophones
Annette Richard
(506) 576-7539

Slow Food Cocagne Acadie
Ariane Juneau-Godin and Eva Rehak
“Slow Food Cocagne Acadie envisions a community that respects food, environment and people while enjoying good health and sustainable livelihoods.” (Source: website of Slow Food Cocagne Acadie)

Transition Cocagne
Rémi Donelle
(506) 576-8247
“Transition Cocagne is part of a global movement working torwards the enhancement of community resilience and self-reliance in response to today’s major ecological and energy related challenges.” (Source: website of Transition Cocagne)