Historical Society of Cocagne

Cocagne has just acquired a historical society. People from here that are passionate about history, have created a historical committee which in the summer of 2017, became the Historical Society of Cocagne. The timing is right with the 250th anniversary of Cocagne now happening in 2017 (1767-2017).

What is the use of a historical society you may ask? A historical society can have several responsibilities: assuring the protection of heritage buildings; collect and preserve documents of historical value, ancient objects and photos of the past; do research and publish articles or reference books on our ancestors, on their lifestyle and the development of our community. They can also organize exhibits and allow people to access these memories of a more or less distant past.

A historical society is the guardian of the past and a collective memory for us all

With 250 years of existence under its belt, Cocagne has a rich past filled with both happy and difficult moments, exceptional individuals whose fame has exceeded our borders; it is the story of a brave and resilient people. Let us be proud of our origins. If you are interested in being part of the historical society or have pictures, objects or documents you would like to share with us, please let us know via this website. Thank you!